Canadian eTA for Australian Citizens

Australian citizens are exempt from the traditional visa for Canada. However, this makes them eligible for the Electronic Travel Authorization system introduced in 2016, which helps the Canadian Government in prescreening the incoming visitors.

eTA is a multiple-entry travel authorization that stays valid for up to 5 years from issuing and enables its holders to visit Canada for up 6 months each time.

eTA now serves as a mandatory document when visiting Canada by air from any country listed as visa-exempt. If you plan a trip to Canada from Australia via any land or sea border, eTA will not be required.

Each Australian citizen must apply for an eTA at least 3 days ahead of the planned departure to Canada. The application process takes place online and consists of three simple steps to follow.

Canada eTA requirements for Australian citizens

Australian citizens have to meet minimal requirements to be eligible for the Canadian eTA.

Use the following checklist of what’s needed to see if you're ready to submit your application:

  • a valid passport with an expiry date exceeding 6 months from arrival in Canada
  • an active email address
  • access to any online payment method

How to get a Canada eTA from Australia?

To get a Canada eTA from Australia, travelers must submit an application form online 3 days prior to their departure.
Simply follow these steps:

  1. Fill the application form - answer the questions in the eTA application form, provide the required data, and check the filled form thoroughly to ensure it's error-free.
  2. Cover the issuing fee - choose any preferred method of online payment to cover the eTA issuing fee and wait for the confirmation email to arrive.
  3. Check your email box - approved eTA will be sent directly to your email inbox in the form of a PDF file. The processed document can be delivered anywhere between a few minutes to maximally 72 hours from applying.

How long can Australian citizens stay in Canada using eTA?

Australian citizens can stay in Canada for up to 6 months each time visiting. Canadian eTA allows its holders to travel to Canada multiple times within its 5 year validity period.

However, using the Electronic Travel Authorization requires having a valid passport used for applying for an eTA. Both documents are directly connected since approved Canadian eTA links to the traveler's passport. Expiry of your passport results in eTA becoming invalid as well.

That is why it's best to check the validity of your Australian passport before applying so that your Canada eTA remains valid for as long as possible.

Do Australians need any additional documents to get to Canada due to Covid?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic forced the authorities to undertake additional steps when it comes to border control and the overall safety of the public. That is why Australian passport holders must prepare a few additional documents before entering Canada:

  • proof of complete vaccination
  • a negative PCR test
  • completed ArriveCAN health form

All of the above should be handled prior to your visit to Canada. The PCR test should be taken 3 days of arrival, which details must, later on, be put into the ArriveCAN health form that must be completed in under 72 hours of arriving in Canada.