Canadian eTA for British Citizens

The United Kingdom is listed as one of the visa-exempt countries by the Canadian Government. This means that British citizens who wish to visit Canada do not need to handle a regular visa prior to their trip if the stay will be short-term.

It's worth noting that longer stays or those relating to work, education, or joining a significant other in Canada require making a visa application at the Canadian Embassy.

However, being visa-exempt for short-term visits in Canada is automatically connected with the need to use the Electronic Travel Authorization system. eTA was introduced as a form of a quick check of every traveler wishing to visit Canada from a visa-free country.

Is Canada eTA available for British citizens?

Canadian eTA is not only available for British citizens but also mandatory to have when visiting Canada by air from the United Kingdom.

Crossing the Canadian border by land or sea does not require using the Electronic Travel Authorization System.

Why is eTA needed when traveling by air?

The Canadian Government implemented the eTA system to help authorize the visit of foreign travelers and speed up the border processes as much as possible.
eTA is an available online, multiple-entry travel authorization that allows its holders to visit Canada for short-term (up to six months each time) visits.
This electronic system provides the Canadian authorities with essential information about the incoming visitors and ensures that every person crossing the border does not pose any threat to the public.

What requirements do UK citizens must meet to apply for the Canadian eTA?

Each UK citizen applying for an eTA must have a few essentials to complete the online process successfully. Before starting the process of applying, make sure that you have:

  • a valid passport - which expiry date should extend beyond at least six months from the planned arrival in Canada.
  • an active email address - onto which the approved eTA will be sent.
  • access to any online payment method - to cover the eTA issuing fee.

A valid UK passport is the only document that should be attached to one's eTA application. Make sure it has the required validity and if not, renew it before applying. Besides these basic requirements, British citizens should also answer a few background check questions, including those relating to serious crimes or the traveler's health.

How to get an eTA to Canada from the UK?

To get an eTA to Canada from the UK, travelers must simply complete an online application process. To do that, get your valid UK passport on hand and follow with these steps:

  1. Fill the application form: spare a few minutes to carefully fill the application form by answering questions relating to your personal, travel, health, and passport details.
  2. Cover the issuing fee: select an online payment method from several ones available and cover the handling fee.
  3. Check your email inbox: both the confirmation email as well as the actual approved eTA Canada are delivered to each applicant via email. The processed eTA comes in the form of a PDF file.

Issued eTA gets delivered between a few minutes up to maximally 72 hours. It's also worth noting that eTAs are processed during business days, with weekends excluded.
eTA Canada besides being delivered via email also links directly to the traveler's passport. The border officials will be able to check it via your travel document, which eliminates the need to print it out.

How long can British citizens stay in Canada with eTA?

Approved eTA makes it possible for British citizens to stay in Canada for up to six months at once. However, the Electronic Travel Authorization system is quite flexible and entitles its holders to numerous trips to Canada.

The only condition to meet to enjoy numerous trips to Canada throughout the whole 5-year eTA validity period is to have a valid passport.

eTA is directly connected to the traveler's passport, that is why it's crucial for both documents to be valid while visiting Canada. Expiry of one's passport results in eTA becoming invalid.

How long can British citizens stay in Canada with eTA?

Besides the Electronic Travel Authorization, British passport holders, as well as all other foreign citizens must meet a few additional requirements to enter Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Canadian authorities have stated that British citizens can cross the border if they:

  • are fully vaccinated
  • have a negative PCR test result done in under 72 hours of arrival
  • have a complete ArriveCAN health form
  • have an approved eTA Canada